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New Tech FAQ

  1.  Can I participate in athletics, clubs, etc. if I go to DeKalb New Tech?

Yes. Students at DeKalb New Tech are still DeKalb High School students.  They may play sports and be involved with clubs and organizations. We encourage students to take part in these opportunities to build a strong resume for college and career readiness.

  1.  Does DeKalb New Tech cover the same state standards as DeKalb High School

and other high schools in the state of Indiana?

Yes. All schools in the state are accountable to uphold the same state standards adopted by the state of Indiana. At DeKalb New Tech, our staff spends considerable time developing relevant projects and problems that align with the standards. Our students are individually evaluated on their mastery of these standards as part of each project they complete or problem they solve.

  1.  If someone in my group doesn’t do his part of a project, will it hurt my grade?

Possibly, but it shouldn’t.   Effective collaboration, speaking abilities and self-advocating are three of the most valuable skills in today's world.  Offering opportunities for students to rely on each other and be relied upon helps to develop effective strategies. Most projects begin with written agreements that allow members to outline how their group will operate and how each will contribute. Groups also sign a contract with each other that states what will happen if someone does not contribute to the agreed upon operation.  In a case where the contract is breached, that member is removed from the group.

  1.   Can DeKalb New Tech students earn Academic Honors Diplomas?

Yes, DNT students can earn any diploma offered by the State of Indiana including Academic Honors, Technical Honors, and Core 40.

  1.   What are integrated courses and how will they appear on my transcript?

An integrated course is one course in which two subjects are taught and assessed together by two facilitators as one fluid learning experience. Grades for integrated courses are reported separately on student transcripts. For example, our World Bio course integrates Biology and World Geography & History. For this course, a learner’s transcript will show two grades, one for each respective course.

  1.  Can DeKalb New Tech students take elective courses (like band, choir or art) at DHS?

Yes. Students can take elective courses each year. These courses are typically taken on the Main Campus.

  1.  Can DeKalb New Tech students take Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses?

Yes, some Honors, AP and Dual Credit courses will be offered within DNT.  If an Honors, AP or Dual Credit course is not offered in DNT, students will have the option to take these courses on the Main Campus.

  1. If I don’t like DeKalb New Tech once school starts, can I transfer back to DeKalb High School?

Yes, but only after completing the first year. We respect that some people may find project- and problem-based learning is not their preferred learning style, but we require that all students spend a full year working in it before deciding to leave.

We require this for three primary reasons:


1.) The beginning of the first year can be stressful for some students. We don’t want anyone to make a rash decision they come to regret later.

2.) Our program is unique in the way courses are integrated and sequenced. While our courses cover the same content standards as DeKalb High School, they may not do so in the same order. Transferring out of our program mid-year could lead to missing important information.

3.) We believe that there is value in keeping a commitment. Allowing students to leave early would contradict with that belief.