NT Students Present Logo Ideas to Area Organization

posted Nov 14, 2012, 6:52 PM by Intentional Innovation   [ updated Jan 26, 2013, 6:51 PM ]

The DeKalb New Tech Visual and Verbal Communications class recently finished a very exciting project involving the DeKalb County Impact Corporation (DCIC).  The DCIC is an area organization that offers four different programs to enhance and help our community.

The Cup of Cold Water program is a free meal program offered in Auburn, Butler, Waterloo and Garrett.  Upwards is a national sports and cheerleading program that is sponsored by DCIC.  Financial University is a program designed to help families get back on their feet through financial counseling.  The program that the New Tech project involves is called Covered with Love.  This program assembles and donates care kits to children  who are removed from their homes because of parent drug abuse.  These care kits include blankets, soaps, books, and other necessities.  CWL helps over 100 kids per year in DeKalb County.

The New Tech students were given the task of designing trademarks to help CWL fundraise and grow.  CWL has recently expanded to Steuben County and Noble County and expects to reach more counties in the future. 

During the project, students were inspired to make blankets together to donate to Covered with Love.  A DeKalb County business anonymously donated the supplies and students came in to school on a Saturday morning and donated their time in helping this great cause.

On December 6, students presented their ideas for a trademark to Mr. Brad Harris, the Executive Director of DCIC.  Students dressed up and each had a turn to present why their logo was the best fit for Covered with Love.

Two logos were picked for further consideration.  The two chosen logos were designed by Alyssa Graves and Sara Johnson.  One logo will be chosen from these two choices and used as Covered with Love’s trademark.   


Left:  Scott Kennedy is dressed sharp for his presentation.
Right:  Jon Hansbarger enthusiastically presents the idea behind his logo design.

UPDATE 1/11/2013:
Congratulations to Sara Johnson, the logo winner!  Keep an eye out for her logo design in the community!  Great job to all the Visual & Verbal students who were a part of this great project!