Project: Stop Summer Brain Drain

posted Sep 12, 2013, 6:46 AM by webmaster dnt

Freshmen in WorldBio have been given an exciting opportunity to help Classic Tours, Inc., a local tourist business.  Classic Tours, Inc. informed students that educational tourism is the fastest growing sector in tourism, and Classic Tours wants to be a part of that.  As a small business there is simply not enough time to research and create educational tour itineraries, so DeKalb New Tech freshmen have been asked to help.

Given a list of 50 possible islands, each group is to pick four islands and research different aspects of the island including the history, culture, and ecology.  After gathering authentic research, the students will be trained in itinerary planning and create their own 3 day itinerary for each island. 

The representative that is training them on itinerary planning will be a resource throughout the process to help evaluate progress along the way.  Because groups must present their itineraries at the end of the project, they will fill out a tour guide application and present them as an actual tour guide.  After the presentations, the top 50% will go on to be judged on their educational value, interest level, overall appear and marketability. 

Jordan Kruse, a freshman in DeKalb New Tech, says “Being a part of an actual local company makes me feel independent, important, and powerful”.