IPFW Project Showcase

posted May 12, 2014, 6:44 AM by webmaster dnt   [ updated May 20, 2014, 6:52 AM ]

     Article written by New Tech student Devin Bolen.

Recently DeKalb New Tech students had the opportunity to attend the IPFW New Tech Project Showcase.  The public was invited to browse through the exhibits, and students were present to explain and discuss their projects.  The students took the week prior to prepare for the showcase. 
The WorldBio class representatives presented their “Happiness” project. The Happiness project involved the students creating and sending out a survey to all of DeKalb New Tech to find out what will make DeKalb New Tech a happier place. After analyzing all the results most of the suggestions that students provided have now been implemented into our school.
The ConComm class representatives presented their “DeKalb Reads” project. The DeKalb Reads project involved the consumer communications students performing filmed interviews with parents and staff involved with the DeKalb Reads program. After editing the interview videos, the students then used the footage to create promotional videos for the DeKalb Reads program which will be played during DeKalb Central’s kindergarten screening.
The FoodChem class representatives presented their “Lamp Creations” project. The Lamp Creations project involved the students taking random items and putting them together to form a lamp. The lamps were placed into three categories:  inspiring, recycled, and ugly.  A competition was held to see who excelled in each of those categories.
The DigiComm class representatives presented two projects, “DHS Planner” and “Short Stories”.  The first project was part of a larger school competition in all art classes to be the winning design for next year’s school planner cover.  The second project was a short story that accompanied an original art piece.  Finished products were exhibited at our local Teen Library.
The Geometry class representatives presented their “Circle” project. The students designed mazes to be voted on and the winning design will be used for the Amazing Fall Fun mazes this fall in Waterloo.
Browse through our website ‘announcements’  for more information on any of the above projects, or click here to see photos of the showcase!