Happiness in the World Bio Class

posted Feb 17, 2014, 6:10 AM by webmaster dnt   [ updated Feb 17, 2014, 6:11 AM ]

Freshmen World Bio students are looking into happiness, both here at New Tech and throughout the world.  Students created surveys to collect DNT happiness data, and will make and present a plan to our administrators in an effort to further boost the happiness index score at DeKalb New Tech. 

In a twist on the old “nature vs. nature” debate, genetic components of happiness will also be studied, along with the new Happiness Index Model that is being used in many countries. 

Using information from all this research, another survey will be created by students that will focus on the happiness factors of DeKalb County and the results will be documented and shared with the world wide New Tech Network. 

This project will culminate with a Happiness Olympics. Students will represent various winter Olympic nations attempting to score the highest total in the class created Happiness Index.

To go along with the focus on happiness, World Bio also hosted the very first “World Bio Movie Night”, showcasing the hilarious, but true story of the Jamaican bobsled team ‘Cool Runnings’.